Cook Inlet Tribal Council

Cook Inlet Tribal Council is a Smaller Learning Community at West High School specifically designed for Alaska Native and American Indian students. The program emphasizes Native heritage and offers a camaraderie that provides support for students to achieve academic excellence.


Cook Inlet Tribal Council promotes the development of positive self-esteem by integrating Native culture and values in academic classes and after-school activities. PEOPLE. PARTNERSHIP. POTENTIAL


We envision a future in which all Our People — especially Our Youth, the stewards of our future — have access to vast opportunities, and have the ability, confidence, an courage to advance and achieve their goals, infused with an unshakeable belief in Our endless potential.


CITC classes are able to offer:

• Smaller class sizes, where individualized learning plans and individual instruction are possible

• Practices and teaching methods that honor our Native traditions and cultivate a sense of cultural identity and confidence

• “Wrap-around” services that offer support for challenges outside of the classroom such as the Johnson O’Malley Scholarship, supported work experience, Dena’ina Academy, Native Youth Olympic Games and summer camp opportunities.

• Our CITC classes are limited to 20 students, as compared to other ASD classes that often have 35 or more students.

• All of our classes actively integrate Native culture in our curricula. Our classroom expectations are grounded in traditional Native values, and our teaching methodology reflects Native ways of teaching and learning. We provide students with a cultural sense of belonging within our core content classes that builds their self-confidence and contributes to their academic achievement

• On district math proficiency tests, CITC students outscored other Native students every year in each of the five years data has been reported.


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