1st Quarter Junior Timeline

  • Meet with your counselor to verify that you are taking the correct classes for your needs. Strive for a good balance or academic rigor and extracurriculars.  Be careful to not take on too much this year.
  • Increase your involvement in one or two organizations.  It's not the number of activities you do that will help you stand out to colleges, trade and vocational programs, employers, or the military; it's the leadership you've shown that matters most.
  • Log your community service hours
  • Continue collecting documentation of your accomplishments and achievements for your portfolios and resumes.


  • Have conversations with your teachers, parents, relatives and other respected adults regarding their colleges, post high school programs, careers, or military experiences.
  • Register with Collegeboard.com, MyPlan.com, or similar resources.
  • Utilize any number of career exploration tools available to you online or at your school to inventory your interests and strengths.
  • Attend all grade level meetings, school/programs, and military visits that interest you.